We manufacture aluminium profiles according to your drawings

We work without intermediaries and margins.
We design a drawing, make a profile, anodize, paint, saw in size.
Minimum qty order is 500 kg.
Without coating
Aluminum from €2.7 / kg. The price depends on the exchange rates and aluminum prices on the LME. Production time is 20 days.
Anodize from €2.2 / sq.m. The cost varies depending on the configuration of the profile, the thickness of the coating and its color. Service time is 14 days.
Equipment (the die)
Equipment from €740. The price varies by additional cavities in the profile and slightly by the profile complexity.
Production time 30 days.
Powder coating
€2.93 / sq/m. The price depends on the paint manufacturer and the required decorative effects. Service time is 30 days.
Profile cutting
Price per cut - €0.06.
Production time is 7 days.
Delivery terms

You doubt whether to order a profile manufacture or not?

We can prepare a personal cost calculation for you. Compare prices, calculate the benefits of ordering a profile according to the drawing, and make an informed decision.
What is more, we can send you the free samples or 3D model of your future profile.

Freehand sketch the profile and send it to us
Or send a profile sample that you want to replicate.
The designer will prepare a drawing for free and you will find out the profile cost.
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